To be the “DX Human Resource Platformer”
With Diverse Human Resources


In recent years, more and more aspects of our society have become supported by digital services, and the convenience of our daily life has been dramatically improved. On the other hand, the number of serious incidents, such as major failures due to software malfunctions and information leakage with vulnerable systems, has been increasing year by year, and it has become a social problem.

For this reason, we believe that our business of protecting the security and safety of software has been becoming increasingly important to society. In particular, the shortage of IT human resources in Japan is becoming increasingly serious, and we see a trend to concentrate management resources on developing innovative services and to outsource processes such as quality assurance, software testing and security. Under these circumstances, we are providing comprehensive support for improving the quality and safety of clients’ software by using our diverse human resources, such as expert engineers in software testing and security, offshore human resources in Vietnam specializing in test automation, freelance engineers, and around 8,000 registered game testers.

We will continue to expand the DX human resource pool by developing and utilizing our unique human resources and to enhance our expertise in improving quality in accordance with state-of-the-art technologies and development methods.

We strive to realize our corporate mission of "SAVE the DIGITAL WORLD."

President and CEO Yasumasa Ninomiya