The increasing digitalization in the 21st century brought about technological transitions from personal computers to smartphones. As a result, digital products are currently used everywhere in our daily life, ranging from corporations and public institutions to individuals. Delivering reliable and safe products and services is the key source of competitive advantages of corporations and governments.

Our group aims to become a corporation needed by a variety of industries, through delivering “debugging” services where we detect defects in digital products. We will steadily catch up to the fast progress of digital technology while further focusing on our social mission to create safe and high-quality digital economy.

Needs for defect detection and vulnerability check of digital products are rapidly increasing, and such needs are expected to grow further.

Under this situation, our group will endeavor to meet clients’ needs and expectations by enhancing service quality and strengthening sales and operational capabilities, while putting further efforts into human resources development, including technical talent, and further service expansion.

President and CEO Genichi Tamatsuka