Year  Overview
2001 Apr. Established DIGITAL Hearts Ltd.
Began offering debugging services.
2003 Oct. Became a public corporation.
2007 Sept. Become first Japanese company to receive the Authorized Xbox 360 Test Program (AXTP) from Microsoft Corp. for the Xbox 360®.
Oct. Granted privacy mark certification.
2008 Feb. Listed on the Mother's Market on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Feb. Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Jul. Established a subsidiary DIGITAL Hearts Korea Co., Ltd., in Korea.
Oct. Established a subsidiary DIGITAL Hearts USA Inc., in the United States of America.
Dec. Established a subsidiary DIGITAL Hearts (Thailand) Co., Ltd., in Thailand.
Mar. Established a subsidiary G & D Co., Ltd., in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.
May. Established a subsidiary DIGITAL Hearts Visual Co., Ltd., in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.
Nov. Acquired all of the company shares for Aetas, Inc. and made it a subsidiary.
2013 Oct. Established a pure holding company, Hearts United Group Co., Ltd., by means of a stock transfer and transitioned to a pure holding company structure.
Nov. Acquired the company shares for NetWork21 Co.,Ltd. and made it a subsidiary.
2014 Apr. Acquired the company shares for Premium Agency Inc. and made it a subsidiary.
 2015  Jan. Established ZEG Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo  with ZMP Inc.
 2016  Jan. Premium Agency Inc., G&D Co., Ltd. and DIGITAL Hearts Visual Co., Ltd., have merged into a single company and changed its company name to FLAME Hearts Co.,Ltd.
Jul. Established a subsidiary DIGITAL Hearts (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in China.
 2017  Jul. Relocated head office from Minato Ward to Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.
Oct. Conducted a merger of subsidiaries, DIGITAL Hearts Co., Ltd. and NetWork21 Co., Ltd.
Closed the offices of DIGITAL Hearts Korea Co., Ltd. and DIGITAL Hearts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2018 Jul. Changed company name from Hearts United Group co., Ltd. to DIGITAL HEARTS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
Acquired the company shares for ANET Corporation and made it a subsidiary.
2019 Jan. Acquired the company shares for Orgosoft Co., Ltd. and made it a subsidiary.
Aug. Acquired the company shares for LOGIGEAR CORPORATION and made it a subsidiary.
Nov. Established Red Team Technologies Co., Ltd., which provides penetration testing services.
Dec. DIGITAL HEARTS Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary, established Digital Hearts Linguitronics Taiwan Co., Ltd. in Taiwan with LINGUITRONICS Co., Ltd.
2021 Mar. Acquired the company shares for Metaps Entertainment Limited (currently DIGITAL HEARTS CROSS Marketing and Solutions Limited) and the company and its seven group companies have become subsidiaries.
Jun. Acquired the company shares for identity Inc. and made it a subsidiary.