Company Name
(Trade Name)
Date Established October 1, 2013
Representative Position and Name President and CEO, Yasumasa Ninomiya
Business Activities Business management of subsidiaries, etc., as well as that engage in the Debugging business, Media business and Other business,and business incidental or related thereto.
Headquarters Tokyo Opera City Bldg. 41F, 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1441
TEL +81 3-3373-0082
FAX +81 3-3373-0083
Board of Directors Director and Chairman Eiichi Miyazawa
President and CEO Yasumasa Ninomiya
Executive Vice president and CFO Toshiya Tsukushi
Outside Director Takashi Yanagiya
Outside Director Gaku Ishiwata
Standing Corporate Auditor Masahide Date
Corporate Auditor Keiya Kazama
Outside Corporate Auditor Toshifumi Nikawa
Outside Corporate Auditor Yoko Okano

Executive Officer and CSO Tadahiro Ando
Executive Officer and CTO Kazutaka Jokura
Executive Officer and CIO Mamoru Seki
Executive Officer Toshiyuki Takahashi
Executive Officer Hideto Itami
Share Capital 300,686 thousand yen (As of March 31, 2022)
Fiscal year end March 31
Number of Consolidated Employees 1,683 (As of March 31, 2022)