Successfully launched the FY2021 Q1 to achieve full year target.
Double-digit increases in net sales and four-fold increases in operating income YoY.


 To develop Enterprise Business into the second pillar of earnings, we have invested aggressively in human capital and technology and expanded our services through alliances and built a foundation. In FY2021 Q1, as the results of these initiatives began to contribute steadily, we have steadily captured increasing demand for system testing and cyber security services, which are expanding against the backdrop of the acceleration of DX and the widespread use of remote work partly with COVID-19.

 Entertainment Business, our core business, also performed well, benefiting from the booming gaming market, by getting a number of large-scale debugging projects for console games.

 As a result, both Enterprise Business and Entertainment Business achieved significant growth of sales and profit, with net sales of JPY6,098 million (YoY 119.7%) and operating income of JPY636 million (YoY 401.3%) for FY2021 Q1, which have exceeded our target of this quarter. We have made an extremely good start toward achieving FY2021 full year targets with record-high net sales and operating income.

 From Q2 onward, while continuing to invest in growing Enterprise Business, we will work to expand our client base and improve average annual sales per client. To make a rapid growth of the business, we have been strengthening cross-selling of services and we will utilize the pool of advanced IT engineers possessed by identity Inc., which has just become a subsidiary of us at the end of June. In Entertainment Business, we will promote initiatives aimed at establishing operational excellence in domestic debugging services. And we will pursue synergies with DIGITAL HEARTS CROSS Group (formerly Metaps Entertainment Group), which has also just joined our group, with the aim of expanding global businesses as our new pillar for future growth.

 We look forward to your continued understanding and support.

August 10, 2021
President and CEO Yasumasa Ninomiya