Completed the establishment on the Enterprise Business's businesses foundation
Towards Next Stage of Growth

From the left, Ninomiya and Tamatsuka

 Since we started the ‘Second Founding’ period in June 2017, we have focused on developing the Enterprise Business as the second earnings pillar, following our mainstay Entertainment Business. Over the past four years, we have invested aggressively in human resources and technological capability, and have worked to expand our services and to build new operation systems in the new segment. As a result, the number of in-house engineers have increased almost eight times from the beginning of this period, and we established an unique training program for some testers out of approx. 8,000 registrants to become test engineers or cyber-security specialists. We also developed high value-added services such as test automation and penetration testing with some business alliances. During this period, the number of clients in Japan has increased rapidly from less than 200 to approx. 500 companies.

 In this FY2020, we have achieved to establish the foundation of human resources, technological capability, service infrastructure, and client base of the Enterprise Business and it recorded net sales of ¥7.0 billion which makes the sales size of 10.0 billion into view and we could turn it profitable with segment income of \188 million. Then, thanks to such a rapid growth with profitability of the Enterprise Business, consolidated net sales of the company were 22.6 billion yen (YoY 107.2%) and consolidated operating income was 1.9 billion yen (YoY 136.9%). Despite an impact of COVID-19, we achieved increases in both sales and profits.

 In FY2021, we plan to further refine Enterprise Business platform and aim to achieve strong growth and we are pursuing the global expansion of the Entertainment Business by strong synergies with newly acquired Metaps Entertainment Limited. Furthermore, in order to ensure steady and accelerated growth of these businesses in the future, we have decided to shift to a new management structure from June 2021, based on the conclusion that each businesses manager of us needs to have ownership and to make decisions on their own initiatives at the bottom-up level. Under the new management structure, we will shift to a “followership-type” organization and evolve it into a group in which core members newly joined during the ‘Second Founding’ period, including highly specialized engineers and global business leaders, can bring together their strengths toward the same goal.

 Going forward, we will aim for the next stage of growth with our corporate mission of "SAVE the DIGITAL WORLD."

 We look forward to your continued understanding and support.

May, 2021
President and CEO Genichi Tamatsuka
Director Yasumasa Ninomiya
(New President & CEO, to be appointed on June 24, 2021)