Policy of Personal Information Protection

The recent evolution of information technology is arousing society’s interest in the importance of personal information protection.DIGITAL HEARTS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.(ereinafter referred to as “the Company.”.) and Overview of Group Companies(Hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Group.”)considers that it has a social responsibility to protect personal information received from all customers including affiliated companies.The Group hereby declares that it will promote the protection of personal information by laying down the policy of personal information protection as follows, building a system to protect personal information, and thoroughly ensuring that all its officers and employees acknowledge the importance of personal information protection and make efforts to protect it.

Article 1. Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

The Group shall obtain, use, and provide personal information in an appropriate manner by clearly setting the purpose of use thereof to the extent necessary for implementation of its services.The Group shall improve its internal management system and take safety management measures to prevent personal information from being used beyond the extent necessary for the purpose of use.

Article 2. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Norms

The Group shall comply with laws and regulations, government’s guidelines, and other norms which apply to treatment and handling of personal information possessed by The Group.

Article 3. Implementation of Safety Measures

DIGITAL Hearts shall carry out safety measures, including the information security measure which it has carried out, to secure accuracy and safety of personal information and endeavor to prevent divulgence, loss, or damage of personal information and take corrective actions if they occur.

Article4. rocedures of Application for Disclosure etc. of Personal Information

When receiving, with respect to personal information, a notification of the purpose of use, request for revision, addition or deletion of contents, request for stoppage or deletion of use, or request for termination of provision to a third party from the person himself or herself, the Group will respond according to the prescribed procedures upon confirming the identification of the person making the notification or request.

Article 5. Dealing with Inquiries and Complaints

The Group shall quickly respond to inquiries and complaints about personal information it possesses by arranging and improving the system and procedures of reception and response.

Article 6. Continuous Improvement in Management System and Scheme of Personal Information Protection

The Group shall continuously improve the management system and scheme of personal information protection.

Article 7. Revision of Policy

The Group  may revise this Policy to promote personal information protection in conformity with amendments to laws, regulations, etc. or on an as-needed basis. The revised policy of personal information protection shall be deemed to become effective at the time when it becomes available online unless otherwise stipulated by The Group .

Enacted on October 1, 2013 DIGITAL HEARTS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.